Comparison of Available R Codebook Packages

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September 1, 2022

Codebook Comparison

I started this table as a way to compare existing r packages that assist in codebook creation. The criteria I am looking for include the following variable level metrics (specifically for working with haven::labelled() data):

  • Name
  • Label
  • Type
  • Values (if categorical)
  • Value labels (if categorical)
  • NA values (Missing values: for example -99 and -98)
  • NA labels (Missing value labels: for example -99 = No response, -98 = Unclear response)
  • Total valid N
  • Total missing N
  • N per value (if categorical)
  • % per value (if categorical)
  • N per NA value (Missing value)
  • % per NA value (Missing value)
  • Range (if continuous)
  • Mean (if continuous)

A table of all packages I reviewed can be found here:

Ultimately I have narrowed the table down to these 5 packages. I removed several packages from this final table because they do not work well with haven::labelled() data and/or they do not meet enough of the criteria above.

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September 1, 2022
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data management rstats data sharing data documentation
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